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How to write a good argumentative essay?

Writing essays is the common writing work given by most of the schools. This works play an important role in improving the writing skills of students. So students should be very careful in writing their essays. There are many types of essay. One of them is the argumentative type of essay. This essay follows the same format as that of other type of essays. But it is different in the way in which data is presented. In this type of essay, writer writes his view on a given topic. He gives out a number of points which supports his opinion. In this way, he makes the reader to agree with his viewpoint. Nowadays cheap essay service also provides help to write a good argumentative essay. Some of the main features of this essay are as follows.

First of all, writer has to state which side of the topic he is supporting. Simply writing the view will not be enough. Here writer have to give the reasons that made him to take this side of the problem. For this we have to collect maximum data on the topic. Details that support our opinion must be collected and should be written in our essay. If the reasons given in our essay are true, readers will surely agree with our viewpoint. Most of the writers select opposite side of the topic. Because, it is very tough to prove the opposite side of an argument. If the writer succeed in this, it will be much beneficial for him. Format of an argumentative type of essay include introduction, body and conclusion.  In the introduction part writer give the readers an idea about the complete essay. Here the writer clearly writes his opinion related to the argument. In the body section writer will give an explanation of the topic. Then he will write his stand and will list out the reasons that made him to come to that opinion. In the conclusion part we conclude our essay and write the main idea that we have received from this essay.

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